Since establishment, we have never stopped technology development and keeping pace with rapid changes in the market. Our tremendous efforts on research and development have rewarded FlexSystem with rich technical skill sets and software quality assurance, therefore maximizing return on investment of customer's computing project.

Over the years, FlexSystem opens a world of innovative technologies for us to explore numerous possibilities and advantages:

- New Users Platform: FESA Client
- FESA Benefits
- Best Practice of Financial Reporting
- App Generator automated software development without programming technique
- Software Quality

FlexSystem is committed to continually deliver powerful, high-quality, user-friendly enterprise solutions that manage your every business process efficiently and effectively. The new release of FESA Client is a delivery on this commitment. It represents a generational shift in user platform, delivering new level of capability, usability, flexibility, and an empowering and impressive user experience. At the same time, FESA Client sets a new standard of user collaboration that multi-user are empowered to work efficiently with each other by sharing, editing and reviewing files and information at the same time.

Reasons To Try

Enrich User Experience

FESA Client opens a world of modern and innovative user interface design for you by leveraging new technologies.

UI layout and Function menu are carefully arranged to replace the traditional Windows client to give you a centralized and easy access to operations and functions.

Smart search enables information navigation which provides user the contextual access and free text search to locate relevant functionality and information throughout the FESA Client.

With built-in Dashboard, it is easy to add creativity to FESA Client background. Important information can be stand out to rise your attention for fast and well-information decision.

FESA Client supports SDI mode, whilst it also supports MDI mode. The MDI mode is empowered by the Smart Tab function for you to maximize the working area in the FESA Client.

User-oriented Design

Enhancements in FESA Client provide you options and help you set up your working environment more intuitively.

The Appearance of FESA Client can be changed from time to time, either cool, or kawaii look. It is also applied to the system language with Multi-language capability, that you can choose which language you would like to use.

Change of user / company and Screen re-size will never be a difficult task, since you only have to make it by one click.

You can determine more function settings in User option, according to your preference.

FESA Client makes it easier for you to present your data in meaningful ways. With new features such as Pivot report, you can filter data whatever you want and display the relevant details only.

Design your own data presentation faster and easier, even if you are not familiar how to set the data relationship or report format. With Document Designer, you are empowered to drag-and-drop the data fields and components to design any form or document for your frequently use.

Facilitate Collaboration

FESA Client provides flexible and effective ways to bring people together. New technologies and improved features help you share your files and keep up with communication with other users.

With version control and user comment capabilities in Document Management, you can share your documents and collect comments from other users. All versions can be kept track, so you will not miss any updates.

Manage your message more effectively in Message Center. Notification enables you aware of new message in your inbox immediately.

The new Broadcast feature in FESA Client lets you instantly broadcast the news and information within user network. Your team mates can view and comment the broadcast message to facilitate network communication.

With FESA Client, you can get things done on your schedule by Task Scheduling capabilities: Event and task can be set up easily on your own calendar. Event reminder and function shortcut help you finish the task on time in an effective manner. You can also check the availability of your team mates in the group calendar and propose the suitable time for group work and accomplish collaboration and group work.

Features & Benefits

Refreshing User Interface

  • Function menu

  • Appearance

  • Smart search

  • Change of user / company

  • Dashboard

  • User options

  • Multi-language

  • Support SDI and MDI mode

  • Resize of screen

  • Pivot reports

  • Document designer

Managing Your Documents

  • Docking panel

  • Multi file format handling

  • Version control

  • Access right control

  • User comment

Enhanced Message Center

Broadcasting Your Message

  • Docking panel

  • File attachment

  • Access right control

  • User comment

Task Scheduling with Calendar

  • Calendar

  • Appointment attachment

  • Appointment calendar

  • Appointment reminder

  • Availability sharing

  • Collaborative scheduling

  • Customization

  • Group calendar

  • Multi view mode

  • Calendar Event Form

Our aim is to maximize your return on Investment (ROI) with the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) as each and every software investment must be able to deliver on its projected ROI and to continue to protect that investment in light of further technological changes.

At the moment, the biggest macro technology drivers are mobile/tablets for process control i.e. workflow authorisation, employee self-service and business intelligence reporting with intuitive touch based drill down. In addition our aim is to extend our product offering, where it makes sense, one noticeable recent extension, for example, would be our move into the management of human resources and with x-application reporting - the ability to incorporate key data into management reports.

The software must also allow for access from multiple devices to match your operational needs whether that be from a Windows client, a web browser, or a mobile / tablet device. With competitive products not having multiple technologies like Java / Silverlight / HTML5 etc for different types of client access, FlexSystem offers a universal environment that allows companies to deploy the most suitable technology for them whilst protecting their security with required authentication and password control.

We constantly aim for reporting speed improvements and recognize that any incremental speed of reporting will be well received by users especially for consolidation and month end routines. Not only that but we have also developed an intuitive visualisation interface that allows you to start exploring on-the-fly from scratch or from a dashboard to simply toggle to the visualization interface to understand your business in greater detail and if the dashboard is taking data from third party systems, the visualisation UX will allow you to drill down across that data as well.

At FlexSystem we have a 10 point product development plan to deliver product innovation and above all quality solutions.

  • Software Design

    Based on continual feedback from customers and of course a competitive market, FlexSystem prides itself in bringing innovative features and benefits to our customers who continue to use our software throughout the world.

  • Functionality

    We continue to evolve functionality where it makes sense with the underlying mandate of making the software easier to use and as fast as possible.

  • Usability

    Our solutions have to be practical and must achieve the desired end result without being cumbersome to the user. In addition the system must be flexible enough to undertake constant refinements or improvements deemed necessary by the user on an ongoing basis.

  • Performance

    A well-engineered system must have the capability of always providing appropriate response times when performing its function under stated conditions. We continually push boundaries in speed and operate our software using in-memory processing combined with compression meaning that performance is fast.

  • Reliability

    Software quality and structure ensure reliable performance and with most of our business coming from referral we are committed to quality and do achieve the highest levels of reliability.

  • Efficiency

    Well-structured processes, use of compression and in-memory processing ensure that systems operate with minimal computer resources, but in addition to this, we have taken care to ensure that cost of ownership is as low as possible by removing, for example, the need for middleware, like Citrix, which can increase operating costs.

  • Scalability

    Upward and downward scalability refer to the ability to upsize or downsize to meet your current or future operational needs and with FlexSystem both can be achieved very easily.

  • Extensibility

    Extensibility is simply the ability to extend your system when taking into account future growth or refinement to your current modus operandi. For example companies might be using a variety of systems that they may wish to connect together for ease of processing, and for the eradication of spreadsheets for more comprehensive and timely reporting or it might simply be a new technological push, a common current example being the use of mobile or tablets for workflow authorisations, employee self-service applications or reporting.

  • Security

    Security is a vital component in any enterprise application whether it is in the internal / external transmission of data or in ensuring compliance with the appropriate segregation of duty. FlexSystem has been designed to meet the highest levels of segregation of duty and audit control at every level of the system even taking into account Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) which may require limited authorised third party access.

  • Maintainability

    Maintainability is the capability of the software product to be modified by the end user to meet the changing needs in processing requirements and to enable productivity process changes to be supported in the field. We take get pride in allowing and empowering end users to undertake changes within the system all with appropriate security.

The reinvention of tablet, with enough computing power to rival your standard laptop, and with smart phones are commonplace, we all know mobile technology is so popular and important that we can not ignore.

FlexSystem will launch a series of mobile applications in the coming months. Our first offering is a business intelligence solution, which will help information consumers to get extensive and multi-dimensional analysis, for example:

- review and interact with your report, dashboard and analysis via mobile devices
- make better analysis, faster decision with effective presentation of analytic results
- obtain result and data in real time

It is only the first example of how FlexSystem mobile app will help you to get the information you need anytime and anywhere when you are on the move. We will extend the mobile app functionalities to deliver alerts, approval and task on your mobile device that remind you about important issue immediately.

Ultra Thin-Client Technology is solely developed by FlexSystem, which combines the latest multi-tier application server technology with effective compression and communication algorithm, to help the enterprise running its operations via Internet/Intranet in the most effective and cost saving manner. Directly embedded into ERP solutions, FlexSystem Ultra Thin-Client utilizes most of the best practices to handle different kinds of client/server communication needs, to guarantee the lowest bandwidth consumption and 10 times better performance compared with other Thin-Client products on the market.

Bandwidth Consumption

nder client/server architecture, system performance depends a lot on bandwidth consumption. The large amount of data being transmitted, the higher the bandwidth required in a given period of time. Terminal services product has been developed in a way that any activities on the workstation (including non-command activities, such as cursor movements and page up/down) are transmitted from the workstation to the server. Once transmitted, a screen refresh will travel back to the workstation to update the display unit. Due to the excessive amount of data transmitted back and forth between the client and the server, heavy network traffic and slow system processing result.

Hardware Resources

Generic terminal emulation tools, which have to be executed several layers of applications to mimic a thin-client environment, consume a tremendous amount of server resources (i.e. CPU and RAM). Comparatively, ultra Thin-Client is built on top of FlexSystem's proprietary application server technology to cater for enterprise date computation. It requires 80% less of server resources and supports 5 times the concurrent client sessions, maximizing the server resources effectively.

Compared with others, FlexSystem Ultra Thin-Client Technology only requires the transmission of relevant information (such as action and data) between the workstation and the server, so that the data to be transmitted is minimized and user can enjoy the speedy performance even in a narrow bandwidth connection (for example 9.6kps mobile communication). In case for the broadband is available, multiple concurrent clients can share a single connection, thus effectively lowering the communication cost by over 70% than traditional thin-client products.


Ultra Thin-Client's date cache layer is specially designed for the handling the massive data transaction. Its cache management algorithm has been fine-tuned to make the most effective usage of server memory and processing power, delivering the fastest performance and providing more concurrent access from a single server. As the server reached its fully capacity, it also support multiple application server, allowing enough room to accommodate the needs associated with the business grows.


User is given the access to share directory in order to update the date in the date server under the client/server environment. Such drive mapping practice exposes the risk to endanger the data security because any user can simply log on to a local or remote client PC to gain access to all the crucial information in the PC, as well as in the network. But in case of Ultra Thin-Client, the access points are effectively controller. The client program should be installed in the client terminal to access the application server, marking the obvious difference with Terminal Services and Browser-Based Applications which use common client programs.

Virus and Hacker Protection

A virus is a piece of programming code inserted into other programming to case some unexpected undesirable event. Under the Terminal Services environment, any infected file, the host server will also be infected. And since all other workstations are connected to the host server, sharing the resources as well as the applications, the whole network will be infected within a very short period of time.

In the case of Browser-Based Applications, system might also be infected through virus web components such as virus Active X objects.

On the other hand, there is lower chance of virus attacks while using FlexSystem Ultra Thin-Client because workstations are connected to the server via its proprietary communication methods such that the server and the client workstations are totally isolated. If a single client is infected, the virus cannot infect the host server and other client workstations.

Moreover in hacker prevention, the URL or IP address of the application server is known to all client terminals for Browser-Based Applications. Although the application may have Authentication process, it is not 100% safe. Hence the high level of security is guaranteed if the server address is not disclosed to users like FlexSystem Ultra Thin-Client.