BusinessPlus Expense

BusinessPlus Expense provides a web-based platform for companies to streamline expense-related reimbursement processes from online expense request to supervisor approval on expense claim to financial analysis. General expense, T&E expense and ad-hoc Payment Request are well categorized to facilitate employee processing while administrator can gain control over major employee-initiated spending. Apart from integration with G/L (and A/P), it features mapping those expenses to project code and cost centre respectively. Built-in business analytics also provide intuitive reporting tool to analyze expenditure patterns for costing saving. >>More

BusinessPlus Procurement

BusinessPlus Procurement is an application software that provides a structured approach to procurement of goods/services and inventory monitoring for business large and small. It streamlines purchasing activities in procure-to-pay and allows employees to manage their own purchasing requirements so that purchasing professionals can spend their time more productively in supplier management and price negotiation. >>More

BusinessPlus Project

BusinessPlus Project Timesheet and Work Order aims to provide excellent project coordination for internal staff and timely project status reporting to external customers / suppliers for service-oriented companies across multiple locations. It provides facilities to standardize project activities, tasks, schedule as well as manpower allocation according to customer needs. Staff can regularly input time allocation and work progress of each project tasks within certain period. Furthermore, it supports project reporting by linking up various project documents and related materials purchase, direct expenses and indirect overheads from different modules for cost analysis.>>More

BusinessPlus Analytics

BusinessPlus Analytics is providing a reporting platform for organizations to consolidate scattered Excel reports among different users into a centralized database. The simultaneous access with proper security control to reports over Internet is also possible. It provides users statistical analysis to discover business insights from the existing data.>>More

BusinessPlus Budgeting

BusinessPlus Budgeting and Forecasting is a budget management solution aiming to automate collection and reporting of financial budgeting and forecasting for organizations of all sizes. While offloading the complex business modeling to popular spreadsheets, it focuses on providing a company-wide collaboration platform for business units managers to submit budget/forecast with proper data integrity control and workflow approval. In addition, it enforces budget rules and timelines with exception alerts so that finance manager can gain control over the processes. >>More

FlexAccount Financial Management System

FlexAccount Financial Management System is an integrated design accounting ledger system with G/L, A/R and A/P routine seamlessly incorporated into a single voucher entry. FlexAccount supports multi-company, multi-currency, multi-users, and multi-locations operations. It features multi-dimensional analysis codes so that users can conduct complex management analysis apart from typical financial statements when coupled with add-on reporting tool - FlexAccount FION.>>More

BusinessPlus AP Automation

BusinessPlus Accounts Payable Automation provides solutions to enterprises on digital transformation of their AP works. Unstructured incoming invoices data can be captured for validation and verify data integrity against their ERP Systems. Furthermore, payment reviews and authorizations via mobile devices are available to automate procure-to-pay process cycle before AP journal entry. It enables companies to reduce costs, improve performance, achieve regulatory compliance and gain real-time visibility into payables status.>>More

BusinessPlus Employee Request Management

BusinessPlus Employee Request Management automates the employee service cycle from request creation to approval and execution while providing appropriate process control. Employee requests (e.g. OT / Leave Application, Business Trip, Payment Request, IT Support) can be submitted, reviewed and authorized electronically in both web browser and native mobile APPs. It aims to increases effectiveness and efficiency of these administrative tasks over traditional spreadsheets and paper-based processes upon centralized web-based employee self service platform.>>More

BusinessPlus Portfolio Management

BusinessPlus Portfolio Management System provide group companies a platform for both treasury and finance teams to record investment transactions and manage portfolio performance for their capital. The solution covers four major areas including bond, loan, time deposit, equiry and others. It automates repetitive tasks, standardizes processes, and centralizes control to guarantee efficient treasury operations. Furthermore, it supports multi-entity and multi-currency accounting as well as automated accounting interfaces.>>More